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Where Do We Come From What Are We Where Are We Going


The words written above from Paul Gaugin’s canvas are a catechism for our times and lives of busy-ness and constant change. What has meaning and connection for us? What is our
connection with those in our circle of friends, family and acquaintances? How do we determine our spirit, our lives? For those who are caretakers of family, entrusted to care for those who now need us – what can enrich the day-to-day tasks of our concern with those who now need our attention. Through my mother, I have been able to share stories of her past and family of farming communities in Illinois and religious heritage in Alsace-Lorraine and Switzerland. I can hear the delight in her voice as she told and re-told the snippets of family lore, recipes, and family stories in her own past and in my father’s family past that became seeds for research – What church? Where? How large life felt in the retelling. I learned how many people in her family were entrepreneurs, starting and owning business after business and moving from state to state.
As a genealogist, these fantastic family stories became difficult to verify, authenticate and prove. I have started Find My Family Stories out of my desire to preserve family stories that add to the research of a family tree.
Check out my new website at: http://www.findmyfamilystories.com


Author: Laurene Cross
Laurene Cross is a genealogist and family historian who writes stories about your ancestry and cultural heritage. Owner of Find My Family Stories and 4Descendants – Lineage Research

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