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"Thank you, Laurene, for the gift of family ancestry. What I most appreciate about your work is your knowledge of history and the culture that existed at the time of a particular ancestor. Having this information made each ancestor “come alive”. This was not only enlightening but fun."

"You have been great at marketing of your Ancestry Research services. I and my family were so pleased with your results tracing and researching my Grandmothers ancestry. The four copies of the books you made were not enough as a few close relatives wanted their own book also. Again, thank you for your hard work and dedicated research of my family history."
Daniel Lowe, Owner at Image Construction

"I’ve worked with Laurene on several projects over the past two years. The enthusiasm she has towards her business shows in her tireless work ethic, and willingness to do whatever it takes to create a product that will translate her customer's vision into reality. Her attention to detail, expert-level knowledge and thirst for finding accurate answers makes her an excellent choice for researching your genealogy and family history needs."
Bruce Ciarleglio, CEO - Video To Market, LLC

"Laurene is an expert on family lineage research. She has such passion for what she does that she wholeheartedly dives into her research as if it were her own family history. She was thorough and timely to keep digging deeper into my family following the threads as far back as she was able to track. She shared her discoveries with me throughout her research and kept me updated on her progress. The final compilation of her data was so fascinating both in the content she prepared and the additional descriptions of the trends and cultural nuances of the times that my ancestors lived. My entire family poured over the final research findings and learned more about our family lineage than we ever thought possible. The final project was presented in an easy to read binder with electronic back ups of the data that can be archived for safekeeping for future generations."
Sara Regester, Stress Mastery Expert, CEO Directions4Wellness

"Having read the testimonials on this webpage, I can say I absolutely agree with all of the lovely things people have to say about Laurene. Her passion for researching family histories shines through. She produced a beautiful book of my mother and father's lineage, full of photos and documents going back hundreds of years. I highly recommend Laurene Cross. You will not be sorry that you did!"
Alison Johnson

"My experience with 4 Descendants and specifically Laurene Cross has been professional, caring, thorough, and eye opening for me. I initially requested 4 Descendants to look for clues about my biological father and his descendants. What I came to understand was the oral histories of my family were hit or miss with factual evidence. Ms. Cross delved extensively and updated me often on her progress and inquired into specifics to help target what I wanted to know. In this process I defined what I wanted to really learn about my family, and what I am now passing on to my son who is expecting his first child. My family history, my blood heritage, what many of my ancestors did for a living, as well as were they lived, how they engaged in their community were important evidence to pass down. I was becoming connected to my larger family; where we came from and where our roots were and where they took them to start their life adventure. I can give this to my son and say, “These are your people, son; remember, respect and learn from them. Realize you are the continuation of this family and also your son to come.” What a gift to give myself. What a treasure to give my son. I would heartily recommend using 4 Descendants and Laurene Cross is tireless in her pursuit of : truth, patterns and interesting side pieces I never thought to ask but how it fits perfectly in forming the story of my family ‘s past. It really has been an adventure to see my family tree and honoring my life’s blood."
D. Warner

"My family always wondered just where and when our ancestors had arrived in the United States--or did we meet the boats.  The local church had burned down and we thought all our hopes of finding our roots had gone with it.  That was not so!
I found Laurene Cross, genealogist extraordinaire, who in a few short months had a long story to tell me of aunts, uncles, cousins, travels and adventures.  Laurene was thorough and found fascinating threads going back to England for the Guy family.  She used US Census records and even logs of ships that were carrying debtors and convicts.  In her search for more specificity, she began looking at family sites on the internet and, yes, even gravestone sites!  We now have pictures of family reunions and pictures of gravestones of grandparents and great grands!  As Laurene pulled back the veil, the pictures of ancestors and their homes continued to be revealed.  One of the missing links that intrigued us both was a Guy who was deported from England for stealing a horse. We can't quite fit him into our direct link, but it is fun to muse about his life and times.
My brother and children are so enjoying this wonderful volume as well, and we all have  new appreciation for those who have gone before and who willed their tenacity, integrity, and spiritual seeking to us.
Fantastic adventure and it only gets better as I study the well-researched, well indexed, well referenced and completely documented lineage of my Guy ancestry which Laurene created. "
Deanna Guy Melnychuk

"Laurene...you did it girl!!  Your site is beautiful, informative, and love the old family pics! Congrats and big hugs!!  Here's wishing you lots of success!!  love ya!!  Nan"

"I have had the honor of having Laurene and 4Descendants trace my family tree back hundreds of years. The quality and depth of research that was done was impeccable. I was excited to receive copies of the immigration forms signed by my relatives when they came to this country a century ago. It was obvious to me that I was benefiting from Laurene's passion for lineage research. She traced my family tree like it was her own. I would HIGHLY recommend 4Descendants to anyone interested in learning more about who they are and where their family came from."
Danita Rios

"Laurene worked on my family tree for many months and sent me regular updates on her work. I really got excited at that point. She found out several relationships I didn't even know about and even some photos. Her work was great and the beautiful charts and report at the end I've read many times. Thank you, Laurene."

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