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Where you're from is part of who you are

Tracing ancestry can feel like digging through a house full of facts. Names, dates, birth places and deaths are beginning points of a narrative that connect you to your past and record a bond to your family, your ancestors, your descendants. Each completed project comes with a written report and narrative on the level of research you have specified, a chart with the beginnings of your family tree, and photocopies of any evidence that supports the research findings. What do you desire to learn about your family tree that you don't already know?

Special Introductory Offer!
Get 4 hours of research for only $200! What a great way to get the ball rolling and connect to your past. This introductory offer is for new clients who are looking for a broad range of source information about their lineage. This research is limited to four hours of research. Click here to get started today!

Entry Level Research Package

The entry level research package is designed for customers who desire basic research on their family tree. Includes thirteen hours of research. Results will be determined by how much verifiable records you already have on your own family.

Standard Level Research Package

This level includes research on one family surname of your choosing. If you are looking for more information on a part of your family tree or need a mystery researched, this level gives you that ability.

Intermediate Level Research Package

This level includes research on two family surnames to gather biographical facts about your ancestors. As in the previous level, this research will provide an ancestral chart, a document listing of all records searched, and a written narrative of the research provided.

Immigrant Research

This level includes research on your family to give you biographical facts about your ancestors that provide documentation on your family’s immigration to this country. Research at this level will intend to inform you about the culture, history and biography of your ancestors, as well as give you the details and evidence that support the findings.

Let’s Get Started

When you contact me, you will receive the personalized care and service your family's heritage deserves. Click here to get started

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