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Digging the Past


Do you know where you come from? Are you excited by your own unique heritage? The act of discovering your ancestors – getting to know their lives, seeing the pattern
and cycles of your family lineage from the perspective of time – holds within it the discovery of what you can inherit from the study of your family pedigree.
As we go searching the past of our ancestors now long gone, we may find the roots of secrets, traumas, and family wounds in the, sometimes, not so distant past. Part of
what we learn and take away from the research of our kin, is the women, men, and children that came before us lived from a time that is a part of who we are now.
But genealogical research and the pursuit of family stories can reopen old illusions about a family’s history. Duplicity, dark financial issues, hidden relationships can lead
the happy hunting of our ancestors back through a troubled past.
Researching my ancestry didn’t turn up brilliant thinkers or heroes, but the minute I had the thought there were no interesting people in my family tree, I could begin to see the
real beauty of my family lineage.
Perspective is necessary when researching your family tree. By putting your ancestors on a timeline of place and event, the sometimes sad and painful stories acquire a
different context. The great uncle who really didn’t seem to care about anybody but himself, was also resourceful, energetic, a great story-teller, and a good provider.
We all cherish and enjoy the accounts of family memories handed down through generations – but are they accurate? Is there a thread of truth running through family
stories, but no real record or research?
After my father passed away, I became aware that I had yet to unwrap all the gifts he had given me. When I researched his ancestry, I felt a connectedness to him that was
larger than his own life. By his actions, he changed the lineage he came from – and if you don’t believe one person can change an entire lineage – research your ancestry,
You’ll be surprised, riveted, and, perhaps, uplifted by the light and the dark.
Go ahead – make a discovery in your family tree.


Author: Laurene Cross
Laurene Cross is a genealogist and family historian who writes stories about your ancestry and cultural heritage. Owner of Find My Family Stories and 4Descendants – Lineage Research

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