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Researching Ancestry Through a Camera Lens

As I research my ancestral lineage, I am reminded of how I use my camera to get the best photo shot. Should I use a wide angle lens for position and perspective to get all my ancestors into the frame? Do I need to get closer to get inside (“you’re not close enough” as Robert Capa said) the details of my ancestor’s life... Click here to read more

Why You Should Find Your Family Stories and Discover Your Lineage

Perhaps the first question to ask is not what are my family stories, but where are my family stories? Who can I talk to, who has the familial memory they can share? Find My Family Stories has been devoted to interviewing family members and preserving family stories as a companion piece to genealogy research to embody my desire to fulfill my client’s requests for family lore... Click here to read more

In Search of Remembrance

As I research my family ancestry, opening windows in my lineage to this time and this family life while preserving the time my ancestors lived from, I am aware of history and context leading me from genealogy to family lore, folk stories and perhaps the evidence of my ancestors’ choice of migration to their current homelands. As I spent time with my nieces this holiday season, I measured how much has changed... Click here to read more

Digging the Past

Do you know where you come from? Are you excited by your own unique heritage? The act of discovering your ancestors – getting to know their lives, seeing the pattern
and cycles of your family lineage from the perspective of time – holds within it the discovery of what you can inherit from the study of your family pedigree. As we go searching the past of our ancestors now long gone... Click here to read more

Where Do We Come From What Are We Where Are We Going

The words written above from Paul Gaugin’s canvas are a catechism for our times and lives of busy-ness and constant change. What has meaning and connection for us? What is our
connection with those in our circle of friends, family and acquaintances? How do we determine our spirit, our lives? For those who... Click here to read more

Conversations with Your German or Italian Ancestors

In this season where tradition encourages families to come together and express gratitude for lives of abundance, this newsletter issue is dedicated to the ancestors who have come before us and, perhaps literally or perhaps figuratively, have led us to where we are now. Do you know who you are? Do you know where you come from? In this newsletter, I will describe the process of identifying and... Click here to read more

Research and Reminiscence

Researching my father’s ancestry was personal long before it became professional. Fall has become the time I reminisce about my father. It’s become an evolutionary process to keep discovering my thoughts and feelings for him. He died in December, in mild California days before Christmas, after a long illness, which made his passing a release and a relief of all that he was. Before I really had a... Click here to read more


What Do Genealogists Do?

Genealogists and genealogy have greatly changed the what and the how of what we do, however the narrative of what we do has remained: Genealogists research kinship and create timelines of events to discover a family’s history of who, when, what and why. We begin with the evidence you give us to research and work toward what you want to discover and uncover about your family lineage... Click here to read more


Tips for Finding Your Elusive Ancestor

n the years I’ve been doing lineage research, for my own family tree and professionally for clients, the organization of documents, photos, records and strategy for searching for ancestors has been key to filling in the leaves on family trees. For all those who love to be organized (and maybe for some of those who don’t) here are a few tips that will keep the documents, source... Click here to read more

Now What?

So you’ve decided you’d like to learn a little more about your family’s heritage – now what? You know the names, dates and birth places of your immediate family plus some aunts and uncles – and you’ve found the time to do a little digging. Where do you start? What skills do you need to research your family... Click here to read more

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