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Where do we come from?

Let me introduce myself. I am the owner and manager of the lineage research service Timespan Productions. I started biographical research when my father passed away and I wanted to memorialize his time in Europe during World War II. Internet searches were the beginning of connecting what I felt for him to what he rarely spoke about: his time as an ammunition bearer in Patton’s Third Army. I wanted to honor his life through eulogy and commemoration and discovered a young man who had chosen service the day he graduated high school.

This was really the beginning of what has become my passion to learn about my ancestral past that has led me here: to questions surrounding global ancestry, including the genographic project and the human genome project ... where do we come from? ... who are we?

Many people have asked me Why should I care about my ancestral lineage? Through research I've made discoveries about my family and my own legacy that now link me to the generations that have come before me and have become a vital relationship in my life now.

Do you know who you are? Do you know where you come from? Do you have facts but no written record of the bond that is your family, your genealogy, your ancestors?

I invite you to learn more about your ancestors and preserve and celebrate your lineage. Contact me at 4Descendants@cox.net or use the contact form and let's discuss what research I can do for you so you can learn more about your ancestors for your descendants.

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