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Step Into Your Past

Do you know where you come from? Are you excited by your own unique heritage? Do you want to learn about specific ancestors or your own exotic book of life? You can choose to make powerful your ancestral past by learning about the men, women and children that have come before you and the times they came from that are a part of who you are now. The act of finding your ancestors, getting to know their lives, seeing the pattern and cycles of your family lineage from the perspective of time holds within it the discovery of what you can inherit from the study of your family pedigree.


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My business in family tree, ancestral and historical research provides you with the evidence and proof of your family's historical past. Become the detective inside your ancestors' lives and celebrate your heritage and preserve your lineage for yourself and for your descendants.

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What does family research require ... What do I do that helps you discover more about your ancestral lineage? People may have no idea what to expect when they hire me to research their lineage. The work I do is concentrated on what you desire to learn about your family tree that you don't already know. But first, you need to tell me what you do know about your family history. We all cherish and enjoy the accounts of family memories handed down through generations - but are they accurate? Is there a thread of truth running through your family's stories but no real record or research provided? When you contact me, you will receive the personalized care and service your family's heritage deserves.

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Our research packages come with a written family history report and narrative on the level of research you have specified, a chart with the beginnings of your family tree, and photocopies of any evidence that supports the research findings. Learn more

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Proof and evidence

Following the guidelines of the National Genealogical Society and adhering to the Code of Ethics of the Association of Professional Genealogists, and beginning with the information you have provided me, I research newspaper accounts, census records, obituaries, newspaper articles, military records, immigrant databases, and documented records and information from state and local agencies to gather evidence and information about your family's past.

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Researching Ancestry Through a Camera Lens

As I research my ancestral lineage, I am reminded of how I use my camera to get the best photo shot. Should I use a wide angle lens for position and perspective to get all my ancestors into the frame? Do I need to get closer to get inside (“you’re not close enough” as Robert Capa said) the details of my ancestor’s life? Space and distance is on my mind as I assemble a paper trail on the ancestors in my family tree. A telephoto lens does not bring an indirect ancestor closer but can make that ancestor appear close up... View the rest of this post

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